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Gearbest Wiki


About Gearbest Promo Code Website

You all must be thinking why I am here explaining what gearbest is. So, the answer is there are many of our viewers who know about gearbest and some are there who are having no info about it and continuously ask how it works and what all we can buy from here.So, Starting with


It is an online e-commerce website from where we can buy any of our stuff which we like. It is really very easy to select what all you want to buy. You have different categories which you can choose from. You can search using search bar and get directly to the product which you want to buy. Gearbest is a Chinese website and contains all products which are available in china and nowhere else in the world most of the time. By using Gearbest you can buy any stuff and make it ship all over world that too with free shipping on most of the goods and very minimal shipping on very bulk items or products. The main USP of gearbest i.e. it can ship your product anywhere in the world. It is one of the most reputed site and if in any case you have any issue with your order they are having 24/7 helping online chat service.

There is one more question which most of our users ask which is do we need to pay extra customs on the product which we import to our country. So, the answer is customs depends on your country and your area Custom officer. Nothing is fix anywhere when we come to customs. is the one and only website as of now on the whole internet which is providing real and updated coupon code which are most of the time exclusive to only. Our model is just to provide our viewers best deal on If viewers will get best deal due to us they will always return with some great comments and suggestions to us. All the code which are providing for gearbest on are real and work. We also update our coupons codes on real time basis.

How Works?

You just need to search the product which you need to buy. Our website will automatically search weather that product coupon code is listed or not. If in case you won’t be able to find that code you can copy the URL from in search bar. Using this method you will surely get some new code for the product which you wanna buy for your office or family. If you have any pther questions regarding you can always feel free to mail us your questions. We will be more than happy replying back to you with solved query.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do I use a coupon on GearBest?

Just copy the coupon code from and go to the product URL to Activate the Coupon, Click on BUY NOW and there is a option to ADD PROMOTION CODE. Just paste it there and you will save lot of money. Thank you

Is GearBest free shipping?

Yes Free Shipping is offered by Gearbest on almost all the products but it may change as per the product warehouse location and your shipping address. But at most time Gearbest give Free Shipping option to all the users. It may take time to dispatch the product so many customer prefer DHL or paid Shipping for faster delivery. For my experience, if the item you ordered is cheaper than you can go for Free shipping and if the item is expensive like smartphone or $100+ item, I highly suggest to go for paid shipping option. Thank you

Where is Gearbest located?

Gearbest is a Chinise based E-commerce website that have their huge warehouse across the globe. You can check our full list to find out where is the Gearbest Warehouse location nearest you. Check this link. Thank you

How do you use Gearbest? has a very easy and simple user interface that anyone can understand and shop there in few clicks. You just open website search the product you want to buy and for more Gearbest discount you can check and get a promo code. Now just go the product link and shop it.Thank you

How long is shipping from Gearbest?

The free shipping generally takes upto 20-30days as per your country. And if you need your product urgently you can pay some extra money and get Fast Delivery in 4-7 days. DHL is a good option for getting your product in less than a week. Thank you

What country is Gearbest from?


Gearbest is a China based Global E-commerce Website which is a ships around the world. Gearbesr Warehouses are located around the world for better shipping speed. Thank you

Does Gearbest charge tax?

No, Gearbest doesnot generate any Tax invoice related to your country. The extra cost only depends on your Custom Duty Charges which no one can track of. But for some items there is no Custom Duty but again it totally depends on your country import policies. Thank you

Is Gearbest a reliable site?

Yes, Gearbest is a trusted website for buying product only. Gearbest take care of their customer very well. Gearbest is a legit website. Considering to the shipping, they have various plans for ensuring the product delivery and have a refund policy as well if you want to cancel the purchase as well. Thank you

Is cod available on Gearbest?

Yes, Gearbest COD service is only available in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakiabut not for other countries like India, Spain etc. Thank you

Is Gearbest good for shopping?

Yes, Gearbest is a legit website and give various discount offers to thier customers that save lot of money. You will not have any issue with Gearbest as they work very hard in terms of customer support. Thank you

How do I use my GB wallet on Gearbest?

  1. Add product(s) to Shopping Cart.
  2. Proceed to check out.
  3. Place Your Order.
  4. Use the available balance.
  5. Enter your Wallet Password.
  6. Click “Pay”
  7. Order Paid successfully.
  8. That's All! Thank you

How do you get Gearbest points?

Just signup to and you will get 50 Gearbest points. And for more points just shop and you will get points in every purchase. Thank you

What is GearBest shipping guarantee?

For Shipping Guarantee, Gearbest have a shipping guarantee plan which you can take and spend some extra bucks, you will get full product shipping guarantee that will covers any transportation damage or package loss. They will send you a replacement package free of charge if your package has been lost in transit or damaged due to the delivery process. If the item is no longer in stock, you will get a refund.Thank you

How long does it take for package to arrive from China?

It depends on your delivery plan, if you choose Free Shipping then you can get it less than 15-20 days and if you choose DHL than you will get the product in less than 5 days. Thank you

What shipping company does Gearbest use?

Gearbest ships the product as per your country location and services. It totally depends on your country. You can always ask Gearbest customer support for more details before buying.Thank you

Which is better GearBest vs Banggood?

Both are the trusted Website for shopping. But there is a one major difference taht is GearBest gives 45 days money back guarantee, while Banggood gives just 3 days guarantee. So when you purchase a item, it may affect your decision. For safe side, i highly recommends Gearbest. Thank you

How can I buy GearBest products in India?

Buying products from gearbest in India is as easy as Flipkart and Amazon. Just choose the product on gearbest and make payment that all. It same as amazon and flipkart. Thank you

How do you buy from Gearbest?

I always check for Gearbest Promo codes for saving money before buying from gearbest.Thank you

How do I pay with PayPal on Gearbest?

Yes, Gearbest supports paypal payment option. You just need to select the paypal option while checking out. Login to your paypal account, verify your payment and that all. Thank you

Is Gearbest available in India?

Yes Gearbest is avaible in India, Gearbest is 100% Safe and Secure For Indian Buyers. In India, Many Xiaomi product are not even launched but you can buy from Gearbest in India and be the first to use the Xiaomi Product in India. Isn't Great!

How do you get free stuff from GearBest?

Gearbest is a huge website. To promote their website around the people they also give many free stuff to thier customers to increase their reach and awareness. You can share their product with your link and you can get a chance of getting Free Stuff. or if you are a Youtuber then you can directly contact Gearbest team and ask for Review Unit if you have good audience.

How long does Gearbest take to ship to UK?

If you choose Gearbest Free Shipping than it will take around 15 days to reach in UK and if you choose DHL than you will Typically get in 3-5 days to the UK. Thank you

What is priority line in GearBest?

Average delivery time of the Priority Line Shipping is 10 days by Gearbest. Thank you

Does Gearbest include GST?

NO Gearbest doesnot genrate any country tax based invoice. So no extra GST will be there. Thank you

How do I contact GearBest?

Gearbest Phone Numbers are (855) 666-1888 and (347) 767-3793.

How do I add an address to GearBest?

You can Add in your Gearbest account's address book. It is very simple and easy to update your address in your Gearbest Account.

How do I cancel my order on Gearbest?

To cancel your Gearbest Order, go to your account>>"My Orders". If you haven't paid your order and wish to cancel, go to My Orders. Please click this button ”Cancel”to cancel your order. If you have paid your order already, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you

How do you pay Gearbest?

Gearbest primarily uses PayPal to process secure payments. Through PayPal, you can use MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer (debit card). For some countries there is COD (Cash on Delivery) Option as well.

How do I redeem my Gearbest points?

Go to your shipping cart and click "Proceed to Check out". 2. After choosing both the shipping method and payment method, you will see the GB points option before submitting the order. Please input the amount of points that you want to use and click "Apply". Thank you

Does GearBest deliver in India?

Yes Gearbest deliver in India with no extra cost. Thank you

How do I track my GearBest order?

Once your order has been shipped out Gearbest will send you a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number.Open this LINK. Just Enter your Shipping Tracking Number in field.

Does honey work on GearBest?

It is a simple Chrome add that can automally apply coupons on my websites like amazon. But for gearbest they doesn't have enough working coupons that will save you money. Don't worrry we have exclusive Gearbest promo code that save you lot of money

How can I get promo codes?

Just go to and click on the first exclusive gearbest coupon. That's all best working Gearbest promo code will be activated.

What is MeganPlays promo code?

It is a fake promo code that is created for fun only. There is no working Gearbest Promo code by MeganPlays.

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